Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Spring wedding in the heart of the Devon countryside

17th March 2007

Tracey and Richard
had to brave the freezing spring weather as their marriage took place at the Fox & Hounds Hotel, Eggesford on 17th March. Tracey looked stunning in her crimson wedding gown with leopard skin accessories! With a fine display of spring daffodils setting off the beautiful scenery and despite the rather chilly weather conditions a great time was had by all.

To view the entire set of photographs from Tracey & Richard's wedding click here.
Tracey & Richard were the lucky winners of the NDJH autumn bridal magazine wedding competition with the prize consisting of full coverage of their wedding, complete with an individually designed storybook album.


Craig Molway Photography said...

Love, love, love the red wedding dress. I wish they had more of these "across the pond".

I am in Ireland in May for a wedding and I plan on being in London and Oxford for a few days. We should catch up for a pint if you are near by.



jen said...

what craig said. i was typing the same thing. great minds and all that.

i'm loving how they do it in Jolly Old England. red. that's over the top.